We do the Works.

You find your BLiSS.

Moving into a new home is the perfect time to take inventory of your belongings... and make intentional decisions about what you want to bring with you into your new space. If you are like me and have lived in your home for a minute...I imagine things have accumulated. Add partners, children, hobbies, memoirs and just life...and all of the sudden we have lost connection with what we have, and why we keep it. Oftentimes, we have emotional attachments to our ¨stuff¨.  Sometimes our stuff can begin to take over our story... and begin to deplete our sense of well being.

With an individualized design plan, we will help you determine what is essential and what brings you you can stage your house to sell WHILE at the same time intentionally designing your new space... to tell a story you want to share with others.

Simply. Beautiful.


This is the part where you tell me your story and I listen as we walk through your spaces. We will create a vision for simplifying and staging your home to sell quickly, clarify goals and design a productive and efficient work plan with specific tasks and timelines. You can take the plan and DIY... or hire me to implement!

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We walk with you through your action plan and give you the clarity, motivation and hands on help to make intentional decisions about what you will move with you and get your house ready to sell.  Everything that isn´t going with you... is donated, gifted, sold or consigned.
Simply. Beautiful.


Perfect for anyone getting ready for a move or downsize.This is my specialty! Let´s gather your closest friends and purge your entire house of everything that is not moving with you to your new home! 

As the party planner, I will...​

  • Invite 3 supportive PURGE ¨partners¨ of your choosing for a 5 hour purge party.

  • Coordinate details & work/task plan  for each person based on goals identified in consult. 

  • Provide scrumptious small bites, drinks & party atmosphere for productive fun.

  • Coordinate HAUL away services for anything you want to gift/donate or consign, leaving only your favorite things that will move with you!

  • Facilitate brief follow up reflection within 2 weeks



There is LOTS of preparation before a big move but settling into a new space begins once the moving truck arrives! I can set things up and get you organized so you can come home to empty boxes and a home!!