Welcome to BlissWorks!

My name is Wendy Wolff and I am so excited to walk with you through your moving or downsizing process! I promise it will be fun AND create more beauty for you to enjoy your life...

Two years ago my family moved to the middle of the Cascade Mountains for a one year sabbatical. We wanted to recalibrate but life was moving so fast that we couldn´t find time or energy to hear our own voices or make the changes we were seeking. So we traveled completely off the grid for an entire year and volunteered as a family at a remote retreat center called Holden Village.  Not recommending this course of action for everyone who needs a change but I had recalibrated at Holden 16 years earlier when I was in the midst of a major life decision and it had provided the clarity and courage I needed….so I convinced my husband if a week could do that, then a year could only be that much better. Hah!

I will spare you all of the tedious details, but we rented our house to friends of friends and had to decide what we would bring with us for the year, what was worth PAYING to store and what we needed to purge.  As we dug through rooms, closets, drawers, storage bins and nasty corners of our basement and garage we had to ask some difficult questions... Like, What the HELL is this? Where did I get this? Where did YOU get this? Why is this taking up space?

Two questions helped us with our decision making process…Do we love it... and is it essential?  If we couldn´t say yes to either of these two questions…it was set into the purge pile…with gratitude. That was when I discovered how amazing it felt to gift lovely things that we didn´t need that can be LOVED and essential to someone else! I was becoming a minimalist and I did not even know this was a ¨THING…like a movement with it´s own gurus, Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus  (the minimalists) and Sara Susanka (the not so big life) and so many others I am learning about as I continue to immerse myself in this new world.

Fast Forward… We had an amazing, beautiful, very simple, clarifying year at Holden and came back to a home that holds only what we love and what is essential. I have not missed one thing we purged. I have empty drawers and half full closets and I know what is in every storage bin because every single thing endured that beautiful interrogation. I had no idea how this would begin to help us clarify and simplify other areas of our lives.               Simply. Beautiful.

I began to help others simplify..and then discovered how ESSENTIAL this process is for those in the process of moving and especially downsizing.  Take my advice, do the work and make the difficult decisions BEFORE moving day.

So... If you are a BEAUTIFUL empty nester or have an aging parent looking to reimagine, simplify or downsize a living space…  if you are busy professional who is relocating and    doesn´t have time to hassle with creating your new simply beautiful space...OR a parent who just needs someone to walk beside you in your moving process....  BlissWorks will help you make it happen. Keep Reading. I hope to connect with you.